What are the summer's scouting opportunities for adult hams?

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    What are the opportunities, this Summer, for adult hams that want to volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America?
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    K5ND Jim, K5ND

    Volunteering for Scouting in the USA can start on this web page https://beascout.scouting.org/Volunteer.aspx The first step is finding your local Scout council and working with them on suitable activities that can be of direct assistance within Scouting that also take advantage of your skills and interests. That can include volunteering at the unit level, district, or council level.

    Signing up in the summer can be challenging as apart from summer camp, which is already well underway, there are sometimes limited activities as families take a pause in their year round activities. The Fall is the big signup season for both Scouts and volunteers. But Summer is a good time to launch your efforts to find the right local contacts.

    There are also ways to support Scouting outside of volunteering. This includes direct donations. You can find out more at http://aplacetogive.scouting.org It also includes participating in Jamboree on the Air and other Scouting activities either individually or with your local amateur radio club. You can start your exploration of JOTA at http://www.k2bsa.net/jota/

    Hope that helps. Open for follow-up questions.

    73, Jim Wilson, K5ND