Interested in doing some operating this weekend?

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    For CW ops that take an interest in the medium wave and long wave but are maybe not ready to step into the ring and attempt to get a station on the air below the broadcast band but you have HF capabilities, consider the Canadian 630-meter cross band special event this weekend. The event is Saturday night in North America (Sunday UTC)

    Several Canadian stations will be on the air, transmitting on 630-meters and listening for amateurs to call them on 40/80/160meters.

    The list of active stations includes but is not limited to:

    Station: VA7MM (Mark) CN89 Coquitlam, B.C.
    Time: 0400Z – 0800Z (Saturday night Nov 13 Z)
    TX Frequency: 475.0 kHz
    RX (QSX) Frequency: 1801 kHz / 3574 kHz / 7062 kHz

    Station: VE7BDQ (John) CN89 Delta, B.C. November 2016
    Time: 0300Z – 0700Z (Saturday night Nov 13 Z)
    TX Frequency: 474.0 kHz
    RX (QSX) Frequency: 3555 kHz

    Station: VE7CNF (Toby) CN89 Burnaby, B.C.
    Time: 0300Z – 0800Z (Saturday night Nov 13 Z)
    TX Frequency: 476.5 kHz
    RX (QSX) Frequency: 1836 kHz / 3558 kHz / 7031 kHz

    Station: VE7SL (Steve) CN88 Mayne Island, B.C.
    Time: 0200Z – 0700Z (Saturday night Nov 13 Z)
    TX Frequency: 473.0 kHz
    RX (QSX) Frequency: 3566 / 7066 kHz

    Station: VO1NA (Joe) GN37 Torbay, Newfoundland
    Time: 2130Z – 0130Z (Saturday night Nov 12 Z – Sunday Nov 13 Z)
    TX Frequency: 477.7 kHz
    RX (QSX) Frequency: 3562 kHz

    Station: VE3OT (Mitch) EN92 London, ON.
    Time: 0000Z – 0400Z (Saturday night Nov 13 Z)
    TX Frequency: 477.0 kHz
    RX (QSX) Frequency: 3563 kHz / 7058 kHz

    Several Part-5 experimental stations, myself included, will be on the air on Saturday night beaconing and making two-way QSO's with other Part-5 experimental stations. Listen for me starting around 2300z on 474.5 kHz CW until the late evening as I call CQ, send bulletins, and hopefully pass NTS-formatted traffic to other experimental stations.

    Additional details are available on VE7SL's website: as well as and of course I will have updates and a redux the following day on my website, .

    You can also post your reports here under this thread!