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    kp4md Carol, KP4MD/6

    Welcome to the forum!

    I was first licensed 1970 as WB2OZA in Bronx, New York.
    My first rig was a Knight Kit TR-108 2 Meter AM transceiver.
    I currently operate HF through UHF with a FlexRadio 3000, FlexRadio 1500 with 2 meter and 70 cm transverters, Kenwood TS-450s and an Elecraft KX3 for portable operation as KP4MD/P.

    My home station antennas are a 40 meter full wave Loop SkyWire at 20 feet and a High Sierra Sidekick screwdriver vertical antenna for HF, and for the higher frequencies, a 6 meter halo, stacked 2 meter halos, an Arrow OSJ 146/440 J-pole, and a Cubex 6 element quad for 70 cm.
    My portable antennas include a homebrew magnetic loop, a Chameleon F-Loop and a Buddistick.

    My amateur radio interests include antenna modeling, design and analysis, propagation studies, WSPR and other weak signal digital modes and CW.
    I also conduct a local 10 meter SSB voice net and a 2 meter SSTV net in the Sacramento, California area.

    Most of my writings are posted on http://www.qsl.net/kp4md.
    My documentary video on the Arecibo Observatory is posted on http://www.youtube.com/kp4md.

    I am a member of the Young Ladies Radio League, Medical Amateur Radio Council, River City Amateur Radio Communications Society and a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League of which I am currently Sacramento Valley Section Manager. In real life, I am a pediatric doctor.

    73 and BCNU, Carol

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