Any ham can have a 400' tower!

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    Here is a link to a Presentation I gave in October 2015 about antenna height, surface wave feed lines and "Active Towers". I'm starting a thread with this because it points out some of the areas where I have recently been playing and may be of interest to some of you in QSOToday Community.

    If you look at the link above (and be sure to click on links within it to other related topics) you'll see that I'm interested in putting antennas up high. This Video (9 minutes total) shows how much it can matter. It also shows a use of another of my interests, Surface Wave Transmission Line (SWTL). It's easy to make one and the results can be very impressive.

    You'll see that I also like kites, balloons and Quadcopters and what they can do for an amateur station. I even use them as workhorses to put up my HF antennas. Hopefully I'll be able to show a "Skyhook" soon, made by continuously powering a Quadcopter as a support for an SWTL feedline and some antennas.

    If this sounds fun to you too, please drop me a note here.

    Glenn n6gn