Amateur radio parity act

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    Dan -

    I saw your post in your blog about the Amateur Radio Parity Act where the ARRL and the CAI have come to some kind of agreement. I also heard you on the ICQ Podcast this week. Do you have more understanding that you could share?

    Is there some definition as to what antenna systems would be allowed under this agreement? Height?
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    I really don't know much more than what I've read on the ARRL website and the CAI website. I think that there are several points to keep in mind:
    • Just because the ARRL and the CAI have agreed on the wording, doesn't mean that that language is going to be in the final bill.
    • Indeed, although the agreement greatly increases that the bill will pass, it doesn't guarantee that.
    There are no concrete definitions about antenna systems would be allowable, but it does say that no homeowners association agreement can preclude someone from having an amateur radio station and that amateur radio operators are to be allowed to have an "effective, outdoor antenna."
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    We had a different problem in Israel. We were painted with the anti antenna brush with the cell phone operators. It was through the intervention of a hired attorney by the Israel Amateur Radio Club to convince the government to amend the law to allow us wire antennas on a mast not higher than 9 meters above any roof or apartment building without special permit. Beams and larger antennas need approval of the city engineer. There are still problems with neighbors objecting and the law has not been tested in court.